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Diabetes Education Service 

The Diabetes team at BHNC, have been operating the Diabetes Education Service in Bexley since 2010.  The experienced team have been delivering this award winning education service through a changing landscape when it comes to promoting self-management of the condition and have improved the long term health outcomes of thousands of patients.  The team are licenced to deliver the X-PERT Diabetes, X-PERT Insulin and X-PERT Junior programmes to the patients of not only Bexley, but to those in the whole of South East London.  The six week education programme, that follows set curriculum with learning outcomes, is available either face to face or virtually through MS Teams.  Bexley patients are referred to Diabetes Education by their GP practice and have the choice to attend any of the education courses delivered across South East London, through the online booking platform Book and Learn. 

If you would like to read more about the X-PERT programme and its outcomes please click here.

Patients are also able to self-refer to education by emailing the team at

Please also email us if you have any questions about our education service.

In addition to our provision in Bexley, we have also been supporting the delivery X-PERT as part of a new initiative called DWELL. This is part of a European wide study, where X-PERT is delivered alongside cooking sessions and a well-being group, to encourage patients to self manage their condition.  We have delivered the X-PERT contingent at the group in Maidstone alongside the Blackthorn Trust Charity.

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X-PERT Diabetes Education Event

On Wednesday 18th January 2023, the BHNC Diabetes Team, supported by members of the Bexley Diabetes UK support group delivered an X-PERT Diabetes education follow up event, for people who had previously attended an X-PERT course. The event was a great success with over 130 people attending throughout day, providing really positive feedback and enjoying the opportunity to re-cap on topics previously taught, as well as find out the latest and most up to date information about diabetes. We would like to thank the patients who attended the support group team and the team of educators for holding a really positive and useful event. We hope to be able to provide these follow up events in the future to allow people the opportunity to revise and recap. Natasha Collett  BA (Hons), MSc, PgDip Preventative Services Manager

Patient experience and outcomes at one of our X-PERT Diabetes Patient Education sessions...

“I had my annual blood tests at the start of the month and I’ve just had a call from my doctor with the results. I’m in remission and have dropped from 51mmol/mol to 43mmol/mol in a few months. I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and advice which has got me back on track. I don’t intend to decrease my efforts now and want to get back to a normal BG level. My BP has also come right back down to normal too. Can I recommend the course and advice to everyone? You bet. The low carb diet was a bit hard at first but now I’ve got used to it, it is simple. Along with exercise it really does work and I can actually feel the difference in myselfThank you again for everything.”


Patient attended X-PERT Virtually via MS Teams in September 2022. 

“The trainers were all very excellent and informative.  Each one made their session very inclusive, interesting and engaging because they all had a sense of humour that was very enjoyable. We, my husband and I, would like to thank all the staff of the course for another chance to re-cap on this amazing course. We had fallen off the wagon and lost our books, so happy to have new books and to have had this amazing experience today.”

Patient attended a follow up session, years after completing their first course, January 2023.

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